Save time driving to the gym: Have you ever skipped the gym because you need to drive there and have so many other things you need to do instead? I know I have. It takes me anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes one way. Now make that a round trip and you just wasted 30-60 minutes driving. Did you know your workout should last as least 45 minutes to see results? Now if you had spent your time working out at home rather than driving to the gym, you’d be done with your workout already.

Avoid the gym rush: I often hear people say they will do their New Year’s Resolutions later in the year, just to avoid the gym rush. No one wants to; spend time driving the gym, wait for a parking spot, only to have to wait for an exercise machine.  Even if it isn’t January, if you go during the busy time, chances are you will need to wait for an exercise machine. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the gym. I just prefer to go when it’s not crowded. If I need to get my workout in during a busy time, I can always workout at home.

Workout while the kids nap: Anyone with kids knows the challenges of getting kids out the door. Have they used the restroom, do they need a snack, are they presentable to be seen in public (you know how kids love to run around in their underwear), do they know where their shoes are, oh the list can go on, right moms? The advantage of having a Personal Trainer come to your home is so you don’t have to worry about getting the kids ready too. This will save you so much time (again, more time saved). Schedule your workout during nap time or let them play outside while you workout in your backyard.

No one will care what you look like: Ever see those people who look awesome throughout their entire workout? Me on the other hand, when I get a hardcore workout, I know my hair is going to get messy, I’m going to become a sweaty mess, and I’ll probably stink too. How embarrassing! When you hire Ezpz Fitness to come to your home, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You get to wear whatever you like, do you hair anyway you like, and smell anyway you like and get an awesome workout on top of that.

Spend more time with family: I know I already hit on the benefit of saving time, but now you get to think about how you are going to spend all this extra time you have on your hands? You just saved an hour commuting to and from the gym. You just saved 30 minutes getting the kids ready to get out the door. You just saved 5 minutes looking for a parking spot. You just saved 20 extra minutes doing your hair nice and putting on that cute workout outfit and possibly another 10 minutes waiting for exercise machines. Now if you go to the gym at least 3 times per week, you just spent approximately an extra 6 hours getting ready for your workout. What could you do with an extra 6 hours per week? Oh the possibilities!!!

Written by: Heidi Radbourne, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Owner of EzPz Fitness

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